Photo by David Menard

Photo by David Menard


Renae Osman is a Louisville, KY based photographer, who received her Bachelor's of Fine Art in Photography at the Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville. Combining scanography, digital photography, and experimental processes, her work focuses on the conceptual bridge between our familiar world and the unfamiliar elements of the unknown.

Education   2015           Bachelor of Fine Arts- Photography

Awards         2014-2015  Allen R Hite Scholarship

                      2015           Barbara Bullitt Christian Memorial                                                                                                         Scholarship in Photography

Exhibitions   2014           Writing in the World Exhibition, University of                                                                                        Louisville, KY

                      2015           BFA Thesis Exhibition, Schnieder Hall                                                                                                   Gallery, University of Louisville, KY

                      2015           Abstracts Art Competition & Exhibition,                                                                                               Light Space & Time Online Gallery
                                                -Special Recognition Award

                      2015           Start the Collection Art Show, Tim Faulkner                                                                                          Gallery, Louisville, KY

                      2015           not BIG(3) Art Competition & Exhibition, M S                                                                                     Rezny Studio/Gallery, Lexington, KY

2018-19 First Light Gallery
Louisville, KY