Looking for some creative work to be done on your images? 

• Photo Restoration - Have you stumbled across old family photos that are now faded? Perhaps they even have some water damage, scratches, or tears? Maybe they have been so damaged that larger pieces of the image are actually missing? Let me breathe life back into your photographs and restore them to their original state.

• Photoshop Work- This would include tasks such as object/subject removal, object/subject addition, color correction, color changing, background cleanup, extensive photo-editing such as dodging and burning, and image enlargements. This could also include HDR assembly and editing, panoramic stitching, and digital collage or manipulation.

• Photo Editing- Don't have the time to give your photographs the amount of post-production they need to be the best that they can be? This service would include tasks such as skin softening, shine removal, teeth whitening, hair clean-up, acne removal, and a few signature looks upon request. Defining characteristics such as scars and freckles would only be removed upon request. From simple to in-depth edits, post-production can dramatically enhance the intended mood and effect of an image.

• Digitization of film, negatives, slides, and prints- Have any negatives, slides, or prints that you would like digital copies of? Scanning services are available to increase the duration of life of your physical images.

Arrangements can be made for pick-up or drop-off in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area.


Need a photographer?

I am available for various photography sessions ranging from head shots, to senior portraits, family photos, product photographs or documentation, engagement sessions, event photography, and much more. You name it, I can capture the moment! 


Just contact me if you have any questions, or for details/pricing!
Renae Osman

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